Build strength and resiliency at any age or stage of life with workouts that support you in and out of the gym. During this 8-week, easy-to-follow program, you'll develop the tools needed to bulletproof your body against pain and injury while improving strength and performance, so you can look and feel your best! Along with the program, you'll also get training logs to track your workouts as well as a complete exercise demo library so you can learn the proper form!


What you'll get:

  • 8-Week Strength Program
  • Quick start guide
  • Workout Training Logs
  • Exercise demo library 
  • Support from my Facebook Community
  • Email support


Who should do this program:

  • If you're new to strength training and looking for a beginner program that won't beat you to a pulp
  • If you're returning to the gym after a long hiatus and looking to rebuild your strength foundation
  • If you're looking to build a strong strength foundation in the main movement patterns (squat, hinge, push, pull, and core)
  • If you're an adult that misses feeling like an athlete and you want to train smarter
  • If you've dealt with pain and injury that has kept you from training in the past


What you'll need:

Access to a full gym is best (dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machines, weight bench), however, you can still see excellent progress if you have access to dumbbells or kettlebells, and bands.


If you need exercise substitutions for your home gym, please reach out to me (ryan@truegritstrenth) and I'm happy to provide exercise substitutions the best I can!

The Comeback Athlete Strength Program