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Vanilla Protein Cold Brew

Need a pick me up? And more protein to hit your daily goal? Need a mixer for your protein shake that's low calorie? Try my go-to recipe that keeps full and energized when that afternoon slump starts to creep in! This recipe is also great as a pre-workout shake!

You can use any kind of protein powder or cold brew that you like. I personally go for cold brew that comes black without any added sweetener to keep the cals low. The vanilla in the protein powder gives it some sweetness and added flavor, so no need to double up here unless you really want it!


- 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder (can reduce to 1 scoop if desired) - 12oz cold brew (black no sugar) - 1/4 cup almond milk (can sub any milk variety) - add some water if desired


Cals: 246 Protein: 54g Carbs: 5.5g Fat: 1g

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