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Thoughts On Self-Care

I’m a huge advocate and believer in self-care. Self-care changed my life in so many ways. But one important thing I’ve learned about self-care is this:

Sometimes self-care means doing the comfortable thing and sometimes self-care means doing the uncomfortable thing.

I used to think that self-care just meant bubble baths and journaling about feelings. But then, through years of practice, I realized it is way more than that. It’s about focusing on yourself and taking time to realize and accept what it is you need to support your body, your mind, your professional and personal development, and your overall health.

Maybe it is a bubble bath and a journal. Maybe it is getting some extra sleep because you’re tired or binging tv or reading to recharge.

But also sometimes self-care is the thing that isn’t comfortable. Like saying “no” when you feel obligated to say “yes”. Speaking about a difficult feeling or issue to a friend or therapist. Or getting to the gym to exercise instead of binging Netflix because you know it’s just as important to take care of your body as it is to recover from that gym session.

For me, self-care is both sides of that coin and everything in between. To me, self-care is sticking to my workout and nutrition program to ease the decision fatigue I know I’ll face if I question it too much. It’s taking 30min each morning to get organized around my thoughts, feelings, and priorities for the day. It’s going on a walk when I need to clear my head. It’s also talking to someone when I feel my own thoughts are spiraling and becoming a burden. It’s asking for help when I’d rather do it on my own. It’s also making sure I take calculated risks to improve my business and personal development.

It takes a lot of self-awareness and practice to understand and realize when its okay to do the comfortable thing and when it’s time to push yourself out of that comfort zone. It's something we can always work to get better at.

But even just understanding that there are two sides of that coin, can help break out of the cycle of not pushing ourselves when we need to be pushed and always opting for the more comfortable scenario of sweatpants and the couch vs. gym clothes and the squat rack.

Self-care is extremely important. Just don’t use self-care as an excuse to not take care of yourself in ALL aspects of your health, wellness, and fitness.

Give this some thought next time you need an extra push to do the UNCOMFORTABLE thing.

What are some ways you balance and prioritize self-care in different aspects of your life?

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