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These 4 Stretches Will Make Your Work Day Less Stressful

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Do you ever notice that your muscles feel tight and tense at the end of a stressful day?

I’ve got some easy stretches for you today that you can do ANYWHERE, even at your desk at work, because they won’t draw a lot of attention … and they will help you feel better FAST.

Being stressed can cause our bodies to get into all kinds of vicious cycles, whether it’s building unhealthy eating patterns, messing up our sleep … or even causing problems with how we breathe and move!

That’s because when you’re stressed, your muscles tense up – especially those in your upper body, like your jaw, shoulders, and upper back.

When those muscles get tight, it can affect our breathing where we end up taking shallow breaths, meaning you’re getting less oxygen in your body. Plus... shallow breathing can actually trigger you to feel even MORE anxious, and over time can actually lower your immune system.

I recently did a video on an amazing breathing exercise you can try. Combine those techniques before/after stretching and you're on your way to a great stress-beating routine.

It’s equally as important for your stress levels to stretch specific muscles, so you feel less tense and more relaxed… and that’s what I’m going to show you today. This can make such a huge difference in your life!

Watch the video below for the 4 main stretches to help beat stress, along with cues for each:

By just doing those three easy stretches you should feel a difference in your body already! I know I do. Try to do them a couple times a day. They’ll give you an easy little de-stress break.

Moving your body the right way can go a long way toward feeling less stress and more mobile. It’s pretty incredible how fast the body responds!

These are all techniques I talk about in my new ebook, Unplug, which is FREE to download here. Check it out!

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