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The Right Way To Set Your Resolutions


The New Year is coming. Are you ready for it?

This is the time of year when most people set resolutions.

It could be to eat healthier…save money…or lose weight.

But here’s a fact:

Most people don’t follow through with the resolutions they set for themselves. Does this sound familiar?

If so, you may be asking:

How do you get started planning your resolutions so you can be successful?

Here are 5 of the best ways to set your resolutions so you can stick with them:

1. Reflect On Previous Experiences

Taking time to reflect on the past year grounds us in our own control over our lives. Reflection is the key to our own personal growth. When we are able to reflect, we are able to see the areas in our life where our choices helped us or harmed us, as well as the areas where we can make changes to be better aligned to our overall goals. Reflection also gives us a moment to goal set and think about what feels important to us and decide if we are willing to do the work that’s needed to move forward!

We recently did an episode of the True Grit Strength Podcast on The Power Of Reflection. In this episode, we guide you through an exercise on how to reflect so you can gain valuable insight into how you can set better goals for yourself in 2021.

>> Listen to the episode here.

2. Set Specific Goals

If you want to be successful, you need to set specific goals. The more defined the goals, the easier it will be to focus on reaching them. If you say “I want to lose weight”…you may not be as likely to reach that goal. But if you change it to “I’m going to lose 1 pound this week by cutting out one dessert each day”…then you will be more focused, making it a lot easier to reach that goal.

3. Write Down Your Goals

Studies show that people who write down their goals are often more successful than those who don’t. So make sure you write your goals down and keep them someplace where you can see them each day. This will keep those goals always on your mind, so you can maintain your focus on the big prize.

4. Check-in Periodically

Just like everything else, you need to reassess your goals, to make sure they still fit what you’re looking to do. If they aren’t, then it’s time to make some changes. The longer you stick with something that is not realistic or may not fit into your ultimate plan, the less likely you will follow through and accomplish it. Always reassess where you are, and make changes when needed.

Remember, there’s a difference between quitting because something is hard and reevaluating your priorities. Make sure you’re honest with yourself when evaluating your reasons for needing to reassess your goals.

5. Celebrate The Small Victories

By setting small goals that you’re more likely to reach, you should celebrate. This will keep you motivated to keep going. But keep the reward small, and something that will keep you moving in the right direction. This isn’t going out to eat, or indulging in a forbidden food. It simply means a new pair of jeans or a haircut…something that is a reward but still keeps you focused on the end goal. Remember, you still have the ultimate goal you want to accomplish—and small rewards can help you get there.

As the New Year approaches, it’s important to have a plan for what you want to accomplish, and how you’re going to accomplish it. The more detailed your plan is, the better. Not only will you be more motivated and focused to hit those smaller goals, reaching them could be a small victory on the way to your ultimate goal.

If you need help setting your plan, I’m here and ready to help. Simply send me an email (, and I can help you put a plan in place to get you started in the New Year!