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The New Normal In Fitness

After a really challenging 2020 that knocked many of us out of our fitness routine, it might feel like the right time to get back on track.

But how?

A lot has changed in the fitness world in the past 11 months. But a few things haven’t changed.

  • Getting stronger is the No. 1 thing you can do for your body composition, overall health and longevity.

  • Nutrition plays a huge role in your success.

  • Having someone keep you accountable to your goals will make you infinitely more successful.

But again … how?

Gyms aren’t what they used to be, especially the big commercial ones or the bootcamp/large-group training studios that used to thrive on packing as many people in the room as possible. These days, that’s just not smart.

But I believe that the past 11 months have presented new and better opportunities for us to achieve the body and health that we want. Here’s what’s changed in the fitness world … for the better:

1. Appointment-Based Training: Many people will feel safer in a small-studio environment with only a few people training at a certain time. Forget the days of showing up at the commercial gym and wandering around for an hour trying to figure out how to use all the machines. It doesn’t get easier than showing up and having a coach waiting for you with your very own sanitized equipment and a workout plan that’s appropriate for you and your goals. And having an appointment to work out will make you much more likely to show up … which leads me to my next point ...

2. Accountability: You may enjoy exercising, and staying consistent with a workout plan is something to be applauded. But exercise alone isn’t enough if you’re looking to lose weight and/or tone your body. The best coaches and trainers have realized this, and have developed simple ways to check in on their clients, track their nutrition and habits and keep them moving forward. If you’re going to get the most out of your workouts, why not have a plan in place to stay accountable during the "other 165 hours" … the ones you’re NOT spending at the gym?

3. Home Workouts: One thing 2020 taught us is how to workout at home. But now that most of us have gym options available to us again, that doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon the living room workout. Our schedules are more packed and hectic than ever. So if you can get a couple of strength sessions in at the gym each week, and supplement those workouts with some structured movement in the convenience of your own home, you’ll find you can get better results than trying (and often failing) to get to the gym six days a week.

Change doesn’t have to be bad. The past 11 months have presented some new ways to achieve your fitness goals. And if you take the right approach and have an open mind, you may find that they’re more effective -- and efficient -- than ever before.

Let's get it!

PS: If you're looking for accountability, here are 3 ways I can help you improve your health and fitness:

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