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Strength Stories: Matt Liebetrau

As part of a new series I'm doing called "Strength Stories", I asked my client Matt L., to share how strength training has impacted his life. His story is below, check it out!

"Growing up, staying in shape was easy. I played sports year-round for school. And when I wasn’t at practice, I played for fun with my friends. I developed a crazy metabolism that kept me lean but also led to insecurities of being too skinny, which carried into adulthood. After high school, I started focusing more on weight training but rarely stuck to a program. It was always on and off for weeks or months at a time. And even when I was consistent in the weight room, I didn’t focus on nutrition so I didn’t see big results.

I decided to start working with a trainer to give me accountability and a North Star to pursue when the day to day becomes a slog. While I’ve never had a problem keeping a base level of cardio fitness, seeing strength gains is largely dependent on diet, which can be easy to ignore if you don’t have a plan. Having a lifting program does a lot for me physically and mentally, but it’s almost more so the alternative that motivates me more. If I don’t work out, I have lower self-confidence, lower energy levels, and just feel sluggish all around. I don’t like the feeling of the body at rest for too long. I also really appreciate having a plan and structure in my life. So, while I have vanity goals like bulking up and lifting heavier, I mostly lift because when I don’t, I can feel all the ways it negatively affects my life."

Matt's story resonates with me and so many clients that I've worked with. Even with an athletic background, staying active as an adult while balancing all life throws at you can be very difficult. When life gets in the way of you achieving your goals, it's time to make a plan and ask for help to get back on track.

It's possible to reclaim the strength, energy, and physique you once had and work hard to achieve even more.

That's the basis for my new 60-day challenge, Find Your Inner Athlete! This program is built specifically to help athletic-minded people who have lost their mojo and want to reclaim their strength, energy, and physique over the next 60 days.

This program is structured to help you stay accountable and get back on track with your goals using quick, effective workouts that will help you build muscle, drop body fat, and leave you feeling energized and pain-free.

The program is open for early-access at a discounted rate for this week only! Click here for details.

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