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Resistance Band Tips

Want to learn a few easy ways to maximize the resistance using bands for your at-home or gym workouts?

Check out my latest video!

Resistance bands can be a great way to add difficulty to your at-home workouts, and honestly over the last few months, have provided so much value to my training.

I used to be skeptical, but because I don't have a full dumbbell set at home, I've been using bands for a lot of my assistance work, and I've seen some great progress.

My one frustration is that they can be hard to progress because usually the amount of resistance you get from one band to the next jumps drastically!

That's why I put together this video to share some tips on how to maximize tension when you need smaller jumps in adding resistance so you can still make those gains 💪

This video is part of a preview of my Banded Hypertrophy Program coming out soon, so if you like what you see stay tuned as I'll be posting more excerpts from the program in the coming weeks!

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