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Pursuing Strength: How Lifting Weights Changed My Life

"I used to be athletic."

That was the story I told myself for over ten years.

From a young age through my Sophmore year of High School, I was athletic. I played Jr. Varsity basketball, YMCA basketball, softball, and games of football in the backyard. I also tried out for soccer and volleyball but didn’t make the cut (not bitter at all!). I tried my hand at almost every sport I could. You get the idea. I was very active.

Fast forward to my adulthood and let’s just say my priorities changed. I became lazy, unmotivated, and couch-ridden due to back pain and low energy levels along with the mindset that “I used to be athletic” and “just couldn’t do it anymore.”

My body had changed, my attitude changed, and my goals were non-existent. It was a recipe for disaster. So what changed?

This is where I feel like most people look for a magic bullet of some kind. But honestly, I simply refused to accept my current lifestyle as normal and I pursued something better with everything I had.

Check out today’s video to hear the full story of how I reclaimed my strength, energy, and an athletic mindset, and how I hope to use my new found passion to help others do the same.


If my story resonates with you, I encourage you to sign up for a brand-new program I’m launching starting November 4th. This is specifically for athletic-minded people who have lost their mojo and want to reclaim their strength, energy, and physique over the next 60 days.

This program will help you stay accountable and find your inner athlete again using quick, effective workouts that will help you build muscle, drop body fat, and leave you feeling energized and pain-free. It’s an online program, so you’ll have access to my coaching from anywhere!

I’m looking for 5 people who are ready to get started. If that’s you, email me at and I’ll message you with the details!

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