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New Year, New You? My Take On Creating Goals That Don't Suck

So if I’m honest, I’ve always hated New Year’s. There was a huge part of my life where I pretended to like it and play along with all the things you’re supposed to do. One of those being creating resolutions and goals for the coming year.

Here’s another truth bomb: I used to cringe, get really frustrated, and pretty much emotionally shut down when others would ask me what my goals were. Which is pretty funny that now I help people set goals for a living.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately as it’s probably where I spend the majority of my time as a coach, working with people to set realistic goals and guiding them to staying on track to reach them.

I was thinking about what the tipping point for me was, when setting goals went from this place of “I have no idea what I want or how I want to spend my life” to “now there’s so much I want to accomplish and only so much time”.

For me, I think it was that I hadn’t yet found what I was really passionate about and I was used to settling in all aspects of my life. I had accepted living a complacent, comfortable, and somewhat apathetic life. My career was means to an end, my relationships were supposed to be complicated, and the body I wanted was just out of reach and not in the cards for me.

I wish I could say I had this magic moment of reckoning where all the sudden everything clicked and I realized I was in control and capable of change, but it didn’t really happen that way. It happened slowly, over a long period of time, and it was hard. Setting legit goals that are emotionally driven is hard work. But it’s worth it. Here’s why...

For me, it started with one choice. One decision to pursue change and my entire life just kind of snowballed from there. That one choice was to prioritize fitness in my life.

Once I realized I had control over how I treated my body and that the choices I was previously making in my life were actually what was holding me back from accomplishing my goals, things got a little easier. My mind shifted from “these are the cards I’ve been dealt” to “it’s up to me to make change happen."

Taking control over my health and fitness spiraled out into all aspects of my life. Suddenly I felt empowered to tackle my career, relationships, and personal development. Every choice I made was going to lead me forward, closer to the person I wanted to be.

Now goal setting is easy. Actually the hardest part for me is prioritizing all the things I want to do! I still hate New Years because although it does offer people a sense of a “clean slate”, I firmly believe change can happen whenever you’re ready for it and when you pursue it with everything you’ve got.

So this year, for 2020, take the time to dig deep down and think about the person you want to be, do the work, and find one thing, one decision, that can help you get started.

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