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How To Recover From A Holiday Weekend

So here we are. The Monday after a long weekend.

Maybe you had last week off, maybe you were only off for a couple of days but that Thanksgiving really threw you off your game. Maybe you traveled over the weekend and got home late last night and you’re reading this in bed while you put off waking up and heading back into reality.

Maybe you’re even considering saying “screw it” and calling in sick or blowing off some of your responsibilities today just you can have “one more day” to catch up on taking care of yourself. And you’re definitely not going to the gym today because you’re too tired and way too busy. I get the temptation, but think of it this way...

This time of year can tend to throw people off for a lot of reasons (myself included!). People come in from out of town, maybe you travel, attend holiday parties, the cookies and booze and other holiday treats flow like water. Really all of these things come down to the same struggle. A break in routine.

This is why heading back into work after a long weekend can be rough. This is why getting back into the gym after some time off can be rough. Suddenly that chicken and rice you planned/prepped looks like garbage compared to the “amazing” things you ate over the Thanksgiving holiday.

But whatever your struggle, these things are also proof that your normal routines that get you up at a certain time, make time to workout, and allow you to get work done, might ACTUALLY WORK. Establishing a plan and a routine to do all the things you normally do when it’s not a 4-day weekend or vacation exist to help you be your best.

Of course it’s nice to have time off and break those routines every now and then. But look at today as a chance to get back to your systems that set you up to succeed and take care of yourself. You don’t need one more day of rest or another day to say “screw it” and order take out and skip the gym.

You need today to get back to a routine that helps you to be your best self and work towards the things that will bring you success. Getting to the gym today if you’ve had a few days off might seem like the last thing you want to do. But it’s part of your routine and you just have to go.

There’s no secret or magic solution. It doesn’t have to be the greatest workout of your life and no, you don’t have to kill yourself to “burn extra calories” to make up for overeating. You just have to show up, get some work done, and go home.

The greatest part about establishing a routine is the longer you do it, the easier it becomes. This is why this time of year can be so difficult. But understanding the power of these routines can impact your behavior the next time you’re thinking of blowing them off. Making time to workout on vacation, limiting the amount of meals you eat out, or even waking up at the same time on vacation, are little tweaks that can make easing back into your post-vacation life a little bit easier. Find what works best for you and what your top priority is and start there.

The rest of the holiday season is just around the corner and thinking of some ways to maintain some structure in your routines can help you to avoid the “free-for-all” that can happen between Thanksgiving and New Years. Get back on track today. You’ll feel better once you start moving!

Looking for an extra push over the holidays? Looking to get a jump on your New Year’s resolutions? Need guidance establishing a plan to reach your goals? I’m here to help.

Shoot me and email ( with any questions or to set up a coaching call (first one is on me!).

Stay tuned, I’ve got some exciting announcements this month, all designed to get you STRONG and tap into your inner athlete.

Let’s get it!

Ryan Stec, True Grit Strength

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