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Discipline Is The Pathway To Freedom

I have always been rebellious and struggled with authority. Not having “freedom” over how I spent my time was difficult for me. Before I started my fitness journey I was lazy, unmotivated, and avoided commitment at all costs.

The thought of working a 9-5 or working out every day used to make me cringe and feel trapped. So I would blow off commitments, start projects but never finish them, work towards a goal, and then quit two weeks in. I would tell myself all kinds of excuses and one of those usually involved “not having enough time.”

Committing to my health and fitness has taught me many life lessons, but one of the most powerful ones has been that having discipline and structure in my life has actually given me MORE freedom to do what I want and need.

I realized that the excuses I was making before were bullshit and that I was just not very disciplined. I had the time but was unwilling to commit it towards my goals. The time that I valued so much and wanted to protect from responsibilities was also the time that I was just wasting away because I lacked structure on how to spend it. If you’ve ever said you don’t have time to workout but then watched Netflix for 2 hours you know what I mean!

Once I realized this, I started to prioritize the things that were important to me. The things I wanted to do, but never “had time for” moved to the top of the list and I started making the time for them and more importantly, I made a schedule for how and when I would complete these tasks.

The mind-blowing part was that I realized that making a plan for the things that are important to me actually gives me MORE freedom and control over my schedule. My success was no longer left to chance.

Where could you have more discipline in your life?

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