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Common Mistakes When Exercising At Home

There are a record number of people who are working out at home.

And this is great—because you’re continuing your training, and getting closer to your goals.

But there’s one thing that may be not-so-great about working out from home:


The truth is…there may be more injuries occurring from home workouts than ever before. And this could be limiting the results you’re getting from your lifting routines.

So how can you exercise at home, not get injured, and keep working towards your goals?

Just follow the 5-step process below:

1. Incorrect Form

It’s very important that you maintain the correct form. This is important for keeping injuries from derailing your results. Spend some time watching videos, and record yourself doing the exercises. Once completed, you can go back and check your video against the video you’re watching to see if there are changes you can make. If you see issues, just readjust and try again.

2. You Skip Your Warm-Up

The warm-up is by far the most important component of any workout. It increases blood flow to the working muscles and prepares your body for what’s to come. Skipping the warm-up often leads to injuries, which can be a major setback in your program.

3. Going Too Heavy OR Too Much Volume

If you think that "going heavy" is the only way to see results, think again. A recent study showed you can get the same results using lighter weights to failure, as you would lifting heavier weights. Adding too much weight too soon can add too much resistance to your body, which can lead to poor form and injuries. Start with light to moderate weights and gradually increase your resistance as you get used to the weight.

If you’re not using weights at home, another common mistake is using too much repetitive volume. This can also be amplified by skipping warmups and using improper form. Many at-home workout programs and group fitness classes utilize HIIT style training, which can be great for fitting in a lot of work in a short period of time, bt can be harmful if the workouts don’t fit your current fitness level or don’t allow you proper time to recover between workouts.

4. You’re Not Progressing Your Training

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home workout, you need to gradually adjust the resistance or difficulty. That doesn’t mean you have to add weight (see above), it means you need to gradually increase the difficulty by whatever means you have available to give your body new stress to overcome. This could mean adding resistance gradually, but it could also mean adding more sets or reps, changing the tempo, or choosing a more advanced variation of an exercise.

This will make you stronger and get you closer to reaching your goals!

5. Hire a Trainer

You may be wondering why hiring a trainer made the list. It’s simple: a trainer can design a workout that you can do at home. AND…they can work with you virtually to be sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. No need to hit the gym…just hop on a Zoom or Facebook session, and get instructions from your trainer on how to execute each exercise correctly, so you can stay injury-free.

There are some common mistakes people make when they workout at home. And it could lead to injuries, which could set you back in your program. But if you’re able to fix those mistakes, you could get better each time you work out. If you’re unsure where to get started, contact me today, and see how I can help!

Committed to your success,

Ryan, True Grit Strength

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