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Client Spotlight! Robert Stec

“After multiple attempts to deal with my decline in strength, balance, and flexibility, I met with Ryan. The first difference was that he asked questions about what I wanted and what results I was after. Then he tailored a custom plan based on my needs and my starting point. No judgment, just a great deal of encouragement and explanation as to “why” we were doing certain things. His understanding of not only the training process but also what was the best plan for ME was such an encouragement. I have stuck with his plan longer than anything else I have tried and he keeps me motivated to keep going. I am loving the results and am energized to go for more.”

- Robert Stec, Lifetime Golfer, 64

First off, I wanna be transparent and let y’all know this is my Dad! That’s right. I’m shouting out my Dad as he is one of my clients. My Dad approached me in January and asked me to start training him. He’s been training with me for the last 7 months and he’s killing it!

When he started training his goal was to work on his strength levels, specifically his core, in hopes to improve his golf game come Spring. I built him a program that focused on these goals while also addressing his balance, power, and flexibility so that his newfound strength would be built on a solid foundation.

He hit 3 PR’s today in the deadlift, single-arm row, and incline bench press! He’s mentioned that his balance has improved tremendously and that he can tell a difference in how his strength is translating to his everyday life, as well as his golf game.

Super proud of his hard work and results and how they’ve had an impact on his life.

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