3 Low Impact Moves To Make Your Warmup More Athletic

#1. JUMP:

Low impact jump squats allow you to practice acceleration and deceleration (producing force and absorbing force) without you ever even leaving the ground, making it more friendly to those who are prone to knee & back pain, or anyone new to the movement. If you tolerate normal jump squats well, go for it!

⏩ Start with adding 2-3 sets of 5 to your warmup!


Medicine balls work great for this, but sandbags can also work here. The goal is to keep it light and powerful, no need to load this heavy!

⏩ Start with adding 2-3 sets of 5 to your warmup!


Many heavy household objects work great for this. Carries are great to train core and shoulder stability. If you don't have room to walk around, you can also do a static hold. The goal is to maintain good posture throughout.

⏩ Start with adding 2-3 sets of 20 yards to your warmup!

Athleticism is super important whether you're playing sports or not. We all need to perform in our daily lives and be ready for anything life throws our way.

These 3 moves are part of a warm-up series for my new program, The Comeback Athlete!

The Comeback Athlete is for:

Anyone who misses all the things "they used to be able to do" when they were "younger...

Those who want to boost their performance in recreational activities or sports...

Those who have let pain and injury keep them from their fitness goals...

Those who want to get strong without spending hours in the gym...

Those who want to bulletproof their body against pain and injury...

Those who want to live their life to their fullest without fear of aging...

Those who want to build lean muscle mass and boost their metabolism...

Just to name a few!

To learn more about developing strength and athleticism as an adult, check out my free workout guide which includes 10 FREE workouts to get you started!

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